About Ome TV Apk

Not only PC or laptop users are able to use this chat functionalities of Ometv. But by taking Android users in attention .apk version of this service is also built. So the way of using this app on any Android device is the same as other apps. Android version app of OmeTv is now available on the play store.

The current version of this app is 6.4.6 and to run it on your Android, your device must run with Android version 4.1 or above. There are specific rules that you must need to follow in order to continuously use the services of Ometv. There is legal action on you if you break the rules of this service. And also a premium membership is possible for those users who follow the guidelines and rules of OmeTv.

ome tv

Current Version Of App: V6.4.6.
Require Android OS: 4.1 Or Any Above.
Require Access From Use Mobile: Webcam.
Root Grant: Not Require.
Premium Membership: Yes, Available.